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I tend to talk a lot about Jehovah’s Witnesses in my blog.  That is because my wife is a Witness.  If you stumble across this blog and want to know a little about my relationship with my wife read this post.  There are more after this one but it is a good start. 

Here are some basic terms and abbreviations so my blog may be easier to read.  I have also included some of my interpretations based on my research and what I know firsthand about the Watchtower Society.  Reading this you can see I don’t agree with JW’s very much.  But keep in mind, I don’t agree with any religion, I just know more about Witnesses right now because I experience them nearly every day.

Jehovah’s Witness (JW)–A person who studies Jehovah (God) under the Watchtower Society.

The Truth–Another name for the Watchtower Society

Meetings–JW’s don’t call their Sunday worship time a sermon, instead it is a meeting.  Took me awhile to get used to.

Kingdom Hall–Basically the “church” of the Jehovah’s Witnesses.  All of the ones I have been in look almost the same.  Once you know what they look like you can spot them in any town.

“Worldly people”–Anyone not involved in the Truth.  Me, for example.

“Wicked people”–This seems to be almost the same as the worldly, as while JW’s don’t come right out and say it, they pretty much believe that only JW’s will be around for the resurrection.

The Watchtower–A religious magazine published by the Watchtower Society.  This is the one usually handed out when they are witnessing, either by going door to door or giving magazines out at gas stations, supermarkets, etc.  The magazine is also the study of that particular week in the Kingdom Hall.

AwakeA magazine produced by the Watchtower Society.  Usually more of a general study magazine, talking about current events or fads.  I have notices that at times the articles in Awake match up with the subjects in The Watchtower.

What are Jehovah’s Witnesses basic beliefs?–JW’s follow pretty closely to other Christian religions.  The main differences they have is they do not believe in the Trinity.  This sets them apart, along with Mormons (and I think 7th Day Adventists-someone can comment and let me know), from most of the other traditional Christians.  They do not celebrate most holidays, including Easter, Christmas, and birthdays.  IMO they have some legitimate arguments about Easter and Christmas, as they have both have pagan origins and have become over commercialized.  You can read a basic summary of these beliefs here.  They also don’t believe in heaven the way most Christian religions do.  They believe there will be a worldwide resurrection of the worthy and that Jehovah has been gathering 144,000 people to rule in heaven over the 1,000 year peaceful reign on earth.

Why do they use the name Jehovah instead of God?–Well according to them, the name YHWH (also called the Tetragrammaton) in Hebrew translates to Jehovah.  And they also claim that you are supposed to know his name .  Yet, there is a lot of controversy on if Jehovah is even the correct English translation.  Most linguists agree it was a mistake to put the vowels in the way the Renaissance Christian scholars did, and say the translation of “Yahweh” is closer.  I find it ironic that JW’s try to be the one “true” religion that calls God by his name, and it probably isn’t even correct.

Jehovah’s Witnesses and blood–JW’s and the Watchtower Society believe you are not supposed to get a blood transfusion.  They interpret numerous Bible verses that they claim say this.  Yet they are the only Christian faith that believes this.  I plan on having a post on this soon.   There are some JW’s that are against this belief, their website is here.

Jehovah’s Witnesses and 1975–An ironic twist I always found interesting.  One of the first meetings I went to with my wife talked about false prophets.  Indirectly they basically tell you these false prophets are the other religions.  Yet their own religion has predicted the end of times both in 1914 and 1975.  And I can tell you that they currently fully believe we are close to the end times now.  To me it is actually amazing they have 6 million worldwide members after these blunders.  I am sure at some point I will discuss this further.

I may add more as I see fit.

One Response to JW Page

  1. Barry Appleby says:

    The JW are the only Christian sect to my knowledge that bans blood transfusions,
    As a Jew, I resent their use of passages in the Olt Testament being quoted to justify this untenable position. The prohibition on blood relates to the practice of animal sacrifice in the Temple and nothing else. Since the destruciton of the Seceond temple in AD 70, anuimal sacrifice has been abandoned and is a defucnt part of Judaism. A fundamental tent of our religion is that of saving life (human or animal) and most commandments can be set aside in order to do so. There is no instance of a rabbi ever claiming that blood transfusions are an infringe of any commandments in the Old Testament. Ina ny case, Christians are not bound by the Moasic Code of 613 positive and negative commandments, according tot heir own theology. When JWs come to my dooor, I always take up this issue but they never stand their and argue. In both Jewish law and civil law in many countries, a refusla by a parent to allow a child to have a blood transfusion, could be considered as culpable homicide.

    The only explanation of the ban on blood transfusions lies in the sect-like nature
    of this branch of Christianity, as its adherents are asked to beleive in something that is patently absurd as a test of their loyalty towards their Chruch and its teachings.
    Human being are part of teh divine creation and are equipped with reason and moral instincts so as to be able to distinguish between good and evil. Why are we created with brains, if we cannot use them to find ways to save life and reduce suffering?
    The Jws reject war and espuse total pacifism, which is admirable, but they are prepared to countennace letting people die for reasons that have no basis in Christian theology, or in Judaism, Islan, or most otehr forms of religious belief. Either life is sacred or its is not – you cannot condemn war or abortion but accept that blood transfusions are wrong. Like other Christians they read the Old Testament, written in Heberew and Aramiaic, withotu any attempt to look at the context of the bible verses they are so fond of citing. Jews have been poring over these text and trying to make sense of them for at least 2,000 years.

    I hope this contribution proves useful.

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