Here we go around, round, round, round

April 12, 2007

Well, I got an answer sort of.  He did respond yesterday, but I had asked him about the 60′s, and his response was about the 1980′s.

 Here is his response:

Dear xxxxx,

       Sorry about your mother.I’m afraid you’ve got the wrong guy.I was in Canada for the first five of the 80s and married for the second half and beyond. I hope you  find the right answers…xxxxx

So, I think I will just let this rest for now and pursue my other options.  I had even given him my mother’s name, so even if he had the decade wrong he didn’t recognize the name anyway.  My other options will be much more difficult to find answers to, I think, but I will try.  I will try and post later on other topics but this one will end for now until I talk to my aunts.

Trust I seek and I find in you

April 10, 2007

OK, I sent an email to the first candidate (the actor), we will see what happens with that.  I just sent an email asking him if he remembered dating my mom in the 60′s.  I didn’t go into too much detail, and I asked him to respond (in case there is a screener) as I had a question about my mom.  I will post and update as soon as I (hopefully) get a response.  One thing this blog does, is it is kind of like setting goals.  Since I wrote everything down, I actually followed through with it.  I would have definitely procrastinated at least a week or two if I hadn’t said I was going to email him yesterday.

To other topics:

Other than this venture to discover my biological father, my current life is pretty normal, almost mundane.  Or at least as much as it can be with a 13 month old hyper boy in the house.  I also have a 10 year old son and 8 year old daughter.  And I am married to a great gal who thankfully puts up with me.  It’s probably my past that is more interesting to readers and what I will tend to rant about.  I have a rather lengthy one about the IRS but I want to make sure I am off their $#%* list first.  Plus it’s almost NFL draft time, so there is another topic.  I knew I could live up to the title I made!

Why am I here, and for how long?

April 9, 2007

Well, I made this thing awhile ago, but never could seem to start the first post.  I have been a blogger lurker for awhile now.  I read quite a few, mostly at random, but there are a couple that I check almost every day including Sweet Tea (brightonandbear).  I will try and fancy up this place a little as I get time.

I think I decided to start this up today as I decided last night to do a quest.  What is this quest?  I am going to try and locate my biological father.  I have a couple of leads but let me back up a little.  I was born in 1968 in Dallas, but my mother lived in Southern California when she became pregnant with me in 1967.  She then moved to Dallas as she had a friend she went to nursing school that lived there.  I have no idea if my biological father even knows I exist.  When I was six months old we moved back to Southern California and then eventually to Colorado.  No one in my mom’s family knew existed until I was six months old.  My mother eventually married someone from Colorado who in turn adopted me and they had three more children.  I always thought my mom and I would talk about it but we never did (except for one fairly big argument when I was 16), and she passed away in 2004.  My father passed away soon after in 2005. 

So why now?  I am not sure.  I never really had a big desire until recently.  Maybe because my wife and I just had our third child last year, and he will never know his grandparents on my side and I am looking for something.  Maybe now that I am getting older and finding that I have aches and pains all over and I wonder if it is hereditary or am I just getting older?  I guess if you are in this situation you will always wonder why, and with my mom it was hard to talk about with her, so we both put it off until it was too late.

The Leads:

I have two things I will check on first.  After that I will have to go to my aunts (my mom’s older sisters) and see what they know, but my mom was pretty private so I am hoping my first two leads will hit something.  Last resort I may revert to a PI, but I have a feeling that could be costly.

Lead #1-There is a chance my father could be an actor.  I know for a fact my mother dated a comedian/actor in the 60′s and he is still alive.  He is not a megastar (and wasn’t at all when he and my mom dated), but anyone my age would probably recognize him, but wouldn’t know his name.  He has had a busy but unspectacular career.  He was on a TV show in the 70′s, and my sister was named after another character from the same TV show.  That to me shows there was some connection there.  This actor/comedian has a website and I am either going to get the guts today or tomorrow to send an email to the site.  The key is I don’t want to panic him, as I don’t want/need money, and I don’t want to come across that way.  Plus, I bet the email address posted on his site doesn’t go directly to him, but to a screener of some sort first, and then him, so I want him to respond first before I ask him what he was doing in the fall of ’67, LOL.  It would be nice if I looked kind of like him, but I look exactly like my mom, so no clues there.

Lead #2-When we lived in Colorado my mom kept in contact with a woman she called “Aunt Bea.”  As I got older I deduced she may have been my real aunt.   She has since passed away but I have her name and that gives me another head start. 

We will see how these turn out and go from there.

I have many other ramblings that will come out in later posts, but this should be an interesting start…


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