Are You Lonely?

This is an advertisement in my local paper today.  I am tempted just to post this and nothing else, but I will comment.

I know it’s just an ad, and six months ago I would never have even looked at it.  But I read it, and the first thing that popped into my mind was loneliness is not a disease.  After a little deeper thought, I started to wonder, who is this church’s target and why?  This is one of the largest churches in town, yet they have to proscelytize this way? 

” …showing up in teenagers, singles, widows, just about anyone whose lives it can slowly destroy”

This just seems to target, for a lack of better words, the weak.  A person who may be more susceptable to believing in a mythical being.  If a person is indoctrinated early like my wife, it becomes very difficult for them not to believe, so the churches already have them.   Who else to target?  I know!  A widow or a single person feeling alone!  Yeah, write an ad, get on it! 

I guess I have just turned into a cynic.

And I know HeIsSailing posted another of this same churches ads on one of his articles on de-conversion that basically used an attractive woman to get new members but in my brief search over there I couldn’t find it.  If anyone knows the post please link it back.

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6 Responses to Are You Lonely?

  1. Absolutely disgusting, but it shows very clearly how religion targets the troubled. As a side note: If I were lonely, I don’t think I’d necessarily want to meet the guy in the picture. He looks like he might be a serial killer.

  2. vjack says:

    Of course, it targets the weak! They aren’t going lure many content atheists to their temple of delusion, are they?

  3. “And I know HeIsSailing posted another of this same churches ads on one of his articles on de-conversion that basically used an attractive woman to get new members…. ”

    We try very hard to use only attractive babes to present the “good news.” But, doggonit, the supply is limited. So we use any slob we have, even guys like myself!

  4. cragar says:

    vjack–I agree. I have been an atheist for 25+ years, but really a more live and let live one. If you want to believe in something without proof (and really proof of the opposite) then go right ahead.

    In the past few months because of sites like yours and blacksuns and others, I have had an awakening of sorts. Realizing what has been going on while I have passively watched.

  5. HeIsSailing says:

    I just saw this article cragar. Here is the link to the article I wrote:

    That banner is still on the church last I saw. You can see it on the westside of the building driving Eastbound on Montana Street. They seem to really be targeting the lonely single guy crowd.

  6. DaVinci says:

    Perhaps they have a lot of lonely single women who asked them to get some lonely guys for…. some hidden sin! Sounds like a place worth seeing if you ask me.
    Look at the ‘bright’ side.

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