I Love This Woman

Last night I am reading my comments as well as the comments on Mary’s post about preaching atheism on de-Conversion (not used to the name yet).  Without me noticing her presence, my wife starts reading over my shoulder.

 Uh Oh.

I had told her about me writing a blog, and she knows I participate in some message boards about sports.  But I hadn’t really told her I was writing as much as I have.  And that it had turned to be more specific about atheism and included some Jehovah’s Witness information that I don’t agree with.

My wife isn’t much into computers, she can work her way around google and youtube and type a letter in word, but other than that she avoids them.  She was initially more concerned I was chatting with women.  Once that was resoved she read some of my posts.

Then we talked.  And we talked some more.

She asked some questions, like why we don’t talk about some issues, like the blood issue I wrote about earlier this week or the post I wrote about when I was younger and decided I didn’t believe in God.  And I told her the truth.  My wife is an emotionally driven person.  If she is upset she will argue.  If she is happy she is radiant.  If she is sad she will cry.  Even in a mild disagreement she will raise her voice.  Imagine in a topic she is passionate about.  I don’t need these types of arguments, when I can have them peacefully on the internet.  I even showed her Mary’s topic above, which is what she caught me reading anyway, and my comment about her on that topic, that she could never be swayed and I know that and am fine with it. 

But she wouldn’t let me off that easy.  She wanted to know why I thought she couldn’t be swayed.  I told her it’s simple.  I could show her some evidence and she would still believe.  So we briefly discussed some Bible issues that we haven’t talked about in years.  We also briefly touched on parts of my wife’s life that stay with her today.  I am not going to do into detail, as I probably already reveal more than she would like me to on here.  Let’s just say she didn’t have the best childhood, and luckily both her and her family worked their way out of it.  And they will all credit religion and Jehovah’s Witnesses for helping them along the way.  Obviously I will say it was their own resolve, but I will never win that disagreement.  Her blunt bottom line is there has to be something else, because life sucks too much for this to be all there is.  I have to admit she makes me want to wish she was right.

Did I mention I Love This Woman?

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6 Responses to I Love This Woman

  1. alfred says:

    I commend you to be able to stick with someone who married you not based on your beliefs but simply because she loves you.

    I recently had to break myself away from a fundamentalist who would not give an inch to accepting me for my beliefs, and who would subject her future children to the church.

  2. cragar says:

    If my wife was as gung-ho as her sister is in the religion I don’t think we would have made it. A number of years ago her family was pressuring my wife to get her to change my influences on the kids. To her credit she stood up to them and said the kids are ours, not theirs, and while they would be raised with some beliefs, that we would not have religion be a dominant part of our lives like she did when growing up.

  3. She was initially more concerned I was chatting with women. Once that was resoved she read some of my posts.

    Got a kick out of this!


  4. mia kulpa says:

    I totally understand that bit as I would also wonder about who my husband was “spending time with” online if he did this sort of thing (he’s not interested at all in blogs or online forums though he’s had a look at mine).

    I thought this was a lovely post and it’s nice to see an example of religion and personal beliefs not getting in the way of the other areas in a person’s life.

  5. storbakken says:

    Thanks for being so open. My wife went to a Jehovah’s Witness “church” for a while as a kid, but now she and I are both Christians. I imagine it must be difficult at times not being able to share common beliefs or at least express your own beliefs. Regardless of all that, your last sentence in your post sums it all up. It’s a good thing to love and be loved.

  6. Carlton Figg says:

    Christians ? Frankly, I don’t meet anybody from that species these days. Look around, and you’ll see Anglicans, Roman Catholics, Baptists, Assembly of God, Presybetarians, etc and etc. But Christians ? Nope, not a sign of them anymore. Like I recently told a Catholic friend: “The difference between the two of us is that you glorify the Pope while I glorify Christ !” The Bible tells us that Jesus is the only arbitrator between man and God. So what role do we have for the Pope ? Or for a parish priest or a pastor, for that matter ? By this I don’t mean that the aforementioned people are redundant. Of course, they have a role — and that role is to preach and spread the Word. And no, their role is NOT to live in palaces in the lap of luxury, to drive around in the latest bullet-proof cars and to feed themselves off the fat of the land — while the faithful continue to wonder if and when the next meal will come !

    Can you even imagine transplanting Jesus from his rugged Jerusalem background into the breath-taking luxury of the Vatican ? I can’t — which is one reason why I don’t see the Pope as a representative of the Lord on earth. Jesus chose to ride a humble donkey when he went to Jerusalem for the Feast of the Passover. When was the last time you saw your parish
    priest of pastor (and never mind the Pope !) riding a donkey — or even a bicycle ? Perish the thought !!

    And yes, my wife is a Roman Catholic, So am I, for that matter. We have divergent views. I look upon her as a bigot. She sees me as a rebel. But that has not interfered with our marriage. What’s more, when the news trickled in that the Pope had abolished Limbo (which, I always knew, never ever existed), I looked across at my wife with a knowing smile. She looked back, and said : “Touche !”

    Yup, true love conquers all — even bigots !!

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